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1. Write definitions for the words below

a) Circumstance -
b) Relevant -
c) Rely -
d) Conduct -
e) Complex -
2. Write examples with the words below

a) Mental
b) Access
c) Affect
d) Consequence
e) Focus
3. Complete the sentences with the suitable forms of the words

      acquire       challenge        imply         occupy       maintain

a) The president that he would not support the new law against selling tobacco but he didn't say it clearly.
b) Janice isn't a doctor yet, but from her studies she is slowly the knowledge and skills she'll need.
c) China has a friendship with the U.S., although the two countries often have different needs and ideas.
d) The dentist's office the entire fourth floor of the building.
e) New medicines face many before they can be put in stores.

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